Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Australia's nutbars congregate to protest the carbon tax"

"The nutbars of the Eastern seaboard of Australia all congregated in Canberra yesterday with some 3000 of the more odious, Tea Party wannabes this country can muster massing in Canberra to stage a rally against the proposed carbon tax. Fuelled by a mixture of misinformation and misdirected anger, this was the culmination of Tony Abbott's call for a "people's revolution" on the matter, a cry taken up and propagated by the AM talkback set, chief among them, of course, the mighty Alan Jones. Just to be absolutely clear, this is the same man that facilitated the Cronulla riots of some five years ago, so why exactly he's still being allowed to lead political movements is beyond me. Tony Abbott was on hand to address the adoring crowds, although it was hard to ignore the charming signs reading "Ju-liar: Bob Brown's Bitch" hovering behind his head. Similarly difficult to ignore was the number of signs for whom carbon seemed to take the backseat to worries about immigration ("Illegals stay, Ozzies Pay") and indeed the presence of Pauline Hanson herself, who these days is so politically noxious that she may as well have visible herpes. Grim. You'll forgive a certain amount of snarkiness and bias in the preceding paragraph, but whatever the merits for or against a carbon tax - and there is much to be debated on the issue - this empty, raucous, occasionally sexist/racist gesture does nothing to advance our democracy or contribute anything to the present debate. A dreary farce"

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