Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Examiner appears to have stuffed up on Pulp Mill pipeline story........and a Little Birdy told me about a Gunns Phone survey

TPOS readers may have seen This report in today’s Examiner reporting that Gunns have secured their pipeline and indeed had a section laid along the East Tamar bypass – at Gunns own expense.
The story allegedly came from a staffer with DIER who appears to have confused the pipeline with the $340,000- Batman bridge culvert. What the?? The Examiner has then run with this story.
Little birdy tells me that DIER has confirmed today that an error was made and that there has been no pipeline for Gunns pulp mill laid. Pipes were laid for the ageing Esk water pipeline, (now Ben Lomond water), alongside the bypass. The Examiner article also claims Gunns have secured access to all the land needed to run their pipeline across. This is also disputed.
Watch this space.
A little birdy told me their household were surveyed by gunns via a phone survey.

Questions were:
  • What are your thoughts on the Govts new forestry agreement. Rate how you feel about it! 1-stongly disagree-10 strong agree
  • Are you for/against Gunns pulp mill?
  • What is your understanding of the pulpmill (personal Knowledge) 1-5
  • Where have you gained your knowledge?
  • What source would you trust the most? Newspapers, TV, Radio, conservation groups, Gunns, Forestry groups.
  • Which do you trust the least?
  • What effect do you think the pulpmill will have on (1-very poor, poor,neutral, good, 5-very good)-air quality, roads, smell, the economy, employment
  • What is your opinion on Gunns as a local Tasmanian Community Industry ( or something like that)
  • Is it your understanding that the woodsupply for the pulp mill will be native, plantation timber?
So look out for a Gunns PR survey coming to you!


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