Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pulp mill protest moved to Batman Bridge Reserve, 11.30 am this Sunday March 20

Pulp mill protest moved to Batman Bridge Reserve
11.30 am, Sunday March 20

Pulp the Mill has decided to move this weekend’s Peaceful Community Protest to the iconic location at the Batman Bridge Reserve. Lucy Landon-Lane, spokeswoman for Pulp the Mill, said “We have been overwhelmed with support for this event. When we first decided to do this protest on the pulp mill site we thought we might get 100 people, but it is now apparent that this figure is hugely underestimated.”
After the last on-site protest on March 6, when huge banners were unfurled by 40 protesters, Gunns publicly announced that they had no problem with people going onto the site. However, Gunns called Pulp the Mill last Friday when it heard of the protest and made it quite clear they would ask the police to move protesters on if they attempted to go on site. Protest organisers, who had organised this event in good faith, say the decision to move is purely a matter of logistics. “This event, with speakers from all anti-mill groups, was never intended to be a large, arrestable action, which is what would happen if we tried to hold it there now,” Lucy Landon-Lane said. “The intention of this event is to show the strength and unity of the community. All the people who attend the protest on Sunday are so opposed to this mill that they are prepared to engage in civil disobedience to protest about this corrupt mill when the time is right.” Pulp the Mill urges everyone who is opposed to this corrupt and polluting project to be present this Sunday at the Batman Bridge Reserve at 11.30 am this Sunday March 20. Together we can and will stop the pulp mill in the Tamar.

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