Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gunns mill figures are Tasmanian Government figures. Bryan Green parrots Gunns economic forecast as fact in mill debate. LIVE debate updates here...

Follow this thread as i bring updates from todays parliamentary debate.

  • Bryan Green parrots Gunns economic fugures as "prepared by the company" as fact in mill debate. Tasmanian Deputy Premier says Gunns says that 3100 Tasmanians will get jobs through mill. That means that DP is suggesting mill will virtually double the existing jobs in Tasmanian logging industry.
  • Green suggests every sector of the Tasmanian economy will 'fizz' because of Gunns Mill.
  • Bryan Green infers that current log truck traffic arising from plantations will be the same as Log Truck traffic to mill. Dismisses concern about impacts of log truck traffic on Tamar Valley roads and public safety. "They will be on the road regardless of whether they go the woodchipper, wharf etc or pulp mill" says Bryan Green. (Bloggers Note: ya kind of missed the point Bryan. All plantation log truck traffic in Tasmania and coming into Tasmania via the ports will have a single destination - The Tamar Valley. Pulp mill log truck traffic will be concentrated in and around the Tamar Valley).
  • Bryan Green flags further Government support for mill via infrastrcuture
  • Peter Gutwein grandstanding and not addressing  the issues raised by Kim Booth
  • Labor and Liberal refused to address any of issus raised.
  • Liberal and Labor vote down Greens motion.

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