Friday, March 4, 2011

Booth warns Wilderness Society off Mill game. Peter Cundall, Lucy Landon Lane furious with ENGO's. ET's Phil Pullinger furious with The Australian Newspaper saying ET does not and will not support proposed Tamar Valley pulp mill.

Booth in The ExaminerHere

Peter Cundall, Lucy Landon Lane in The OZ Here

This blog can report that this afternoon Environment Tasmania's Phil Pullinger wrote to Tamar Valley anti-pulp mill groups saying he had made it crystal clear to The Australian's Matt Denholm that Environment Tasmania is not in the business of giving 'endorsements' to industrial projects and does not support and will not be supporting the Tamar mill, but Denholm had chosen not to report that in The OZ article. Pullinger said today he contacted The OZ and complained about the Denholm article requesting that this is corrected by the paper, and that Environment Tasmania's position is clearly stated in any future articles. This afternoon Environment Tasmania also sent a media release to Tamar Valley anti-mill groups saying, - “Environment Tasmania, however, is not in the business of giving endorsement to industrial projects, and does not support and will not support the proposed Tamar Valley pulp mill,”


FELICITY OGILVIE: Now there are some members of the Tamar Valley who are worried that as part of the peace plan to stop the conflict in Tasmania's forest that environmental groups will support the pulp mill in return for the protection of old growth forests and that they've been sold down the river so to speak.

KIM BOOTH: I think that's a reasonable fear. What I am hearing in the background is that there are some sections of the Wilderness Society who would be prepared to sell out and do a deal with the devil on that basis. We would not support that. I would absolutely advise any environment group who thought that they may need to do a deal like that and sacrifice their principles to keep well away from it because they will lose all credibility as an environment group
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