Thursday, September 23, 2010

Federal bypasse intervention set to land egg on the face of the "worst Premier since Robin Gray"

Recently Michael Mansell told ABC's stateline  Premier Bartlett was "the worst Premier we've dealt with since Robin Gray".
Now it looks as if Julia Gillard is set to vindicate Michael Mansell by intervening to stop Tasmania's barbarian government  trashing a 40,000yr old legacy and what remains of its relationship with Tasmanian Aboringines. Read more in the Mercury and from ABC's stateline below......


LUCY SHANNON: He has some powerful allies. Realigning the Brighton Bypass to protect the site was on Andrew Wilkie's wishlist that he took to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
MICHAEL MANSELL: The move of public opinion together with the stronger possibility of federal intervention gives us more hope than we had 12 months ago.
LUCY SHANNON: For Mr Mansell, the Premier, David Bartlett's approach to the Brighton issue is typical of his overall attitude towards Aborigines.
MICHAEL MANSELL: David Bartlett's promised us a lot when we met with him a month or so after he got elected. He's delivered absolutely nothing and shown no interest. His aggressive attitude towards Aboriginal people makes him the worst Premier we've dealt with since Robin Gray.
LUCY SHANNON: Previous premiers have overseen the return of land to the Aboriginal community as well as providing groundbreaking compensation for the stolen generations.
MICHAEL MANSELL: Well he Labor Cabinet promised us Rocky cape and Mt William in 2003, I think it was. Where is it? We still haven't seen it.
LUCY SHANNON: He says in 2010 reconciliation is at a standstill.
MICHAEL MANSELL: David Bartlett killed it.

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