Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'll be stuffed! They are restoring the numbers in the parliament.

This is potentially great news for democracy in Tasmania. Read about it here
I wrote the Labor Government a recipe for restoring faith in Government just before Paul Lennon resigned (yeah pushed actually) in May 2008. It read as follows...

1. Remove Paul Lennon as Premier. - DONESKY
2. Remove Green and Kons - HALF DONESKY.
3. Stop the planned pulp mill for the Tamar Valley. - DOH!
4. Institute an anti-corruption body and start cleaning up Tasmania before the next election. -HALF DONESKY
5. Restore the parliament to an appropriate size. -DONESKY PENDING.
Clearly the proposed Tamar Valley pulp mill is still the fly in the ointment. As Professor Richard Herr argued of the pulp mill "Questions need to be answered to the satisfaction of the public, not to the convenience of the parties”. If the issue continues to be sidestepped and swept under the carpet, Tasmania will continue to pay the price. It will, as Dr Herr suggested “overhang the political process for a very long time”.

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