Monday, September 27, 2010

Gunns Capitulates to Misinformation and Bullying. Article in Online Opinion by Mark Poynter.

Mark, even Gunns PR firm could not successfully pitch to the Tasmanian public the notion that Australia's biggest, meanest logging company is the victim of a bullying community.
This is a preposterous and unbelievable argument.
The notion that big logging, oil, heavy industrial companies are victims of bullying communities and green groups wont wash anywhere in the world.
Mark, the argument that the Tasmanian logging industries woes are "the greenies fault" has been done to death over the years and today has less traction, less credibility than ever before.
Your article also completely ignores issues of poor governance, community relations, business and forward planning. Nice try Mark but i think you are pissing into the wind on this one mate.

p.s Mark, unlike other local internet media I wont take the attitude that because you are pro-forestry you photo should be splashed all over my blog. Its true that the other site that publishes your work will never  publish photos of its pet local lefty writers, particularly the ones from up my way in the Launceston, Tamar Valley area. This is just another form of the editorial bias i have been complaining about. There are many subtle ways that editors show their bias and use retribution against critics and contributors who dont conform. Its not rocket science. More about that on another day.
Even so my site does not attract vigilante's.
But if you do want a debate on my blog, i can promise that you will get a vigorous and robust deabte but you will not be subject to the retributive and dog whistle editing techniques that are employed on that other site.
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