Friday, September 10, 2010

FIAT's Terry Edwards spits dummy with Gunns. Gunns still in denial about on the nose Tamar Valley Pulp Mill.

Amazing isnt it. Gunns pull the pin on FIAT this week meaning the loss of a major cash injection into the organisation and for the first time in living memory cricticism of Gunns starts to flow from FIAT.
Get it off your chest Terry. Blow that whistle tiger!

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  1. Gunns prior to the recession encouraged forest contractors to 'tool up' and buy the full package - harvesters, trucks, loaders etc.
    Gunns then systematically reduced the required contracts, putting pressure on forest workers and making them almost totally reliant on Gunns Ltd.

    Now the rug has been well and truly pulled from under the contractors feet. Not only do they have to accept a $20- a tonne reduction for woodchip waste, but they also have to cover the delivery costs to the woodchip mill.
    Total betrayal by Gunns.

    They cannot say that they were never warned.