Monday, September 20, 2010

Whose afraid of the big bad Gunn?

The Mercury is today Here reporting Forest Industries CEO calling Gunns "bull-headed and arrogant".

FIAT's stinging criticism of it former wealthy patron are a continuation in a recent series of verbal attacks on Gunns since the big logger decided not to withdraw its membership and funding from FIAT.

Is this sour grapes or just that FIAT feel they now can say what they really think about Gunns without fear of losing funding? As yoda would say, Hmmmm.

Its no secret in Tasmanian society that Gunns have been demonstrably successfully in using fear as a tool to control and maintain its business interests in Tasmania.

Again from the same article in the Mercury ..............."Of the 21 native timber sawmills located in small rural communities, 10 are in southern Tasmania and supply Triabunna. A Timber Communities Australia spokesman said this would leave sawmillers with a loss of income which would ultimately result in job cuts".

And the Timber Communities Australia spokesman is.................?????? Who?

The article never tells us. Why?
Presumably for the same reasons that for so many years FIAT seemed to be reluctant to offer up the public criticism that we now see in the press every other day.

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