Monday, September 27, 2010

Forestry Tasmania's taxpayer funded logging propaganda TV show invites your suggestions for new series.

Get on the website, have your say and see if  FT put it to air. You pay for it
If you do submit questions to the show also send a copy (I wont publish anonymous or defamatory questions) to me and i will log them here on this post for the public to view. We can then see if FT are true to their word and give your concerns a hearing or not.

I submitted this question today..

..."I would like a program devoted to giving FT's critics a say. Pete Godfrey, Ian Johnston, Frank Strie, Dr Frank Nicklasson, Richard Flanagan etc. Rather than hiding it, I would also like to see the show be more representative of Forestry Tasmania's core business which is woodchipping and I would also like the negative side of clearfell forestry presented"...

Rick Pilkington, Gravelly Beach, Tas

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