Monday, September 20, 2010

Judd wins brownlow. All Australian selectors left with egg on face

Chris Judd who only made it to this years All Australian AFL team interchange bench easily won his second brownlow for his second club.
Judd gave a good speech describing football as an indulgence, a make believe world and put his win in perspective paying tribute to Jim Stynes and what Judd described as the real hero's of Australian society.

Garry Ablett was 2nd and favourite Dane Swan 3rd. Scott Pendlebury who also just snuck onto the All Aus. team bench was 4th. Matt Boyd 6th and Saint Lenny Hayes 8th were also not selected in the All Aus. team.

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  1. Oii! Sandilands was ripped off..he should have won by a mile (or at least one foot !)