Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Waldo is back!

..............."At his best, Walton had a fearsome swim-bike combination in Olympic-distance races that would give him an unbeatable lead for the run.

"We all love winning and that never leaves you," he said.
"In some ways, I miss racing a little bit - I suppose I always felt I was cut short a little bit on my career.
"I just wanted to have one last crack at it and see what happens, see if I still have what it takes."
Rather than ease himself back into training, Walton went at it hard.
Once he made it through the first few weeks of maximum pain for minimal reward, Walton was buoyed by considerable improvement in his training efforts.
"I jumped in the deep end and absolutely gave it to myself from day one - luckily enough I've gotten through that real bad phase where you feel bad," he said.
"The last four weeks, I've really hit my straps and the indicators in all my time trials, the things that give me confidence, are basically back to where I was when I left off in the sport, if not better, especially on the bike."....

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