Monday, September 20, 2010

Be very afraid. New Labor candidate for Tasmanian upper house seat cites Gunns Pulp Mill as example of Labor's "progressive politics". Bartlett and Brian Green push pro-pulp mill mate for Upper House Seat.

Its would seem that our Premier wants all other Tasmanian politicians except him and the labor mates to embrace the Labor/Green accord's "new politics" (whatever that means).
Bartlett has accused Murchison independent MLC Ruth Forrest of being a "closet liberal".
Forrest has emphatically denied any links with the Libs.
See ABC online piece below.
David Bartlett has put up Waratah-Wynyard Mayor Kevin Hyland to stand against Murchison independent MLC Ruth Forrest in the upcoming election for her seat.
Hyland admits he's only just joined the Labor party.
When asked today by the ABC's  Drive programme presenter Roisin Mcann's what he liked about the Labor party, Hyland told her Labor were a "progressive party who want to see things happen" and cited the Gunns pulp mill as example of how Bartlett Labor "get things done". Hyland lauded the Bartlett government's efforts to "push to get that (the pulp mill) happening, and its sort of gone from there, yeah so i've sorta, you know followed that with what Brian Green has done in this area....they've (Labor) just struck me as, you know, gettin on with the job and I'm sorta a bit that line myself".

Oh dear.

I'm sure Premier Bartlett would be grateful that Mcann did not ask Hyland to elaborate on some of Labor's parties contribution to the furthering of democracy and ethics in Tasmanian politics and the role the "progressive" pulp mill has played.

The Tasmanian Times website first predicted Labor were set to go after Murchison independent Ruth Forrest who is one of the few true independents in a Tasmanian upper house.
Indeed there are a host of politicians that whilst describing themsleves as independent are consistently loyal to Tasmania's most powerful bound and well connected politicians and big business. Indeed, it was said of  former Launceston Mayor & windemere MLC Ivan Dean during the upper house's deliberations of the Labor Government's fast track Gunns pulp mill bill that the only thing Dean was independent of was his constituents!
From ABC online

Murchison MLC lashes out

Ruth Forrest Independent MLC for Murchison says she has never considered joining the Liberal Party. The Independent member for Murchison, Ruth Forrest, has hit back at insinuations she is a closet Liberal. Waratah-Wynyard mayor Kevin Hyland will run for Labor in upper house seat next year. David Bartlett has questioned whether the reason the Liberals have chosen not to run a candidate in Murchison is because they have a closet Liberal in Ms Forrest.
The Independent MLC has rejected the accusation.
"I've never been approached by the Liberal Party to be a member, I've never considered joining the party, and I certainly intend to maintain my independence," she said.

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  1. Oh dear indeed. Can Kevin Hyland really be that naive, or is he simply trying to impress his political masters. (Rhetorical question, no need to answer). Of course he is, and he's only just joined the Labor party too. Interesting. A cleanskin then, and an indication Labor are desperate. Or else he is. I wonder what inducements Kev was offered to spout such a load of tosh. Because he cannot seriously believe Labor are 'progressive'. Or that Gunns' proposed pulp mill is a Good Thing. I didn't hear the interview but this extract suggests Roisin McCann didn't grill Hyland anywhere near enough. Clearly it wouldn't take much to expose the fragility of the man's argument. Or - dare I say it - his intellect. As for the pulp mill. Well, the sooner that toxic crumbling monolith is toppled the better for us all. Tomorrow would be good. Please?