Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cyco Killers

Article from The Mercury about idiots who are setting barb wire traps on trails in South Hobart. Catch them and lock em up!
Cycle wire mantrap anger - PHILIPPA DUNCAN, The Mercury

May 23, 2010 08:05am
"POLICE are investigating who laid a barbed-wire mantrap that mauled a mountain biker in South Hobart.
The trap, across a popular walking and cycling track on private land earlier this month, shocked the mountain biking community, which fears someone could be killed.
Nathan Chilcott rode into the barbed wire strung at shoulder height across the track between two trees.
Luckily the wire broke, otherwise the injuries could have been a lot worse than the puncture wounds and bruises on Mr Chilcott's arms.
The bloodied cyclist posted pictures of his injuries on the website, warning others to watch out because "some retard" was putting barbed wire across tracks.
"Something has got to be done about these assholes," he wrote.
Mr Chilcott did not want to speak to the Sunday Tasmanian, but another cyclist, Nathan Meyers, said mountain bikers were worried about the potentially deadly attack on one of their own.
"It is a real concern, this was set up as a mantrap designed to really hurt someone," he said.
"In my opinion, barbed wire across a trail at neck height could certainly cause life-threatening injuries."
Mr Chilcott reported it to Tasmania Police, who said "inquiries have been conducted".
It is not the first time a rider has hit wire in Hobart.
Early last year a woman was lucky to escape serious injury when she hit wire while cycling downhill in Coningham State Recreation Area.
It prompted Commander Peter Edwards to warn offenders they could face jail because of the potential for serious injury.
Mr Meyers said mountain bikers sometimes came across logs and rocks placed in the middle of tracks on Mt Wellington.
He suspected walkers laid the booby traps, not to hurt riders but to slow them down.
"Some walkers believe they have a greater tenure than we do because they have been using the mountain for 100 years and we have only been on it for 10 years," he said.
Wellington Park Management Trust manager Michael Easton condemned the barbed-wire trap.
"This could take a guy's head off," he said.
"If that had happened in Wellington Park we would be absolutely horrified."
He reminded walkers to respect the right of cyclists to use designated tracks on the mountain".

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