Thursday, May 20, 2010

Richie Porte rides into historic Giro d Italia maglia rosa

Mike Tomalaris on twitter said  "It took Cadel 8 years to wear Giro pink again and @porteye does it in the second week in his debut appearance in his first pro year".

Today was the Giro's longest stage a 262km jaunt to my mums home region, abbruzzo finishing in the recently earthquake struck L'Aquila. Once again the riders were faced with atrocious conditions.
Porte managed to get himself in a large breakaway group of 50 riders which inclued GC contenders Sastre and Wiggins.
Porte crossed the line with this group which finished the stage more than 12 minutes in front of the maglia rosa group containing Vinokourov, Basso, Nibali & Cadel Evans. This means Porte will take a 10 minute plus lead on this group of contenders into tomorrows stage. Porte will lead the race by 1.42secs from David Arroyo. Incredible.
By my reckoning Porte is the first Tasmanian ever to wear the leaders jersey in any Grand Tour.
Congratulations Ritchie. More on this tomorrow. Back to the live coverage to watch the prestation.


  1. Super Human effort if you ask me. Can he hold on?? will his team ride for him and are they strong enough. 1.42 is not a bad lead to have at this stage as long as he can maintain the front of pack finishes.. A new star is born

  2. Well Done Richie. What an amazing effort.

    He's well and truly announced his arrival to the world cycling scene ayy! As one of his team mates said, even if he does nothing else this tour, he's already done somthing amazing. And he has also been the first Tasmanian to hold the leaders' jersey in a major tour.

    Woo Hoo!

    PS where is AUSTAR to offer the Porte family a free trial to watch their son live?? Common someone from AUSTAR, they have to catch bits and pieces of text online...

  3. Luv your work Richie! Tassie definitely on the map now! You'll have Fabian being your domestique for Le Tour I reckon!!

  4. Launceston Cycling Classic had at great expense, Cadel Evans here in 2002 racing around the streets of Launceston. As far as I know, Cadel took over the lead on the 3rd last day of the Giro, but lost it next day. It was as far as I know Cadel's debut GT. To be confirmed of course.

    Tom Sawyer

  5. Interesting Tom.
    A ball park figure on what it does cost to bring a Cadel Evans or the like to a race like this?