Thursday, May 27, 2010

John Gay retires from Gunns and Southern Star corp.

After Gunns shares plummet, massive media speculation and rumours of intense pressure from investors and within Gunns itself, John Gay finally takes a hike. Did he jump or was he pushed (cough, cough)?

Gunns shares close at a massive 27.5 cents

This is what some of Tasmania's brown nose politicians said.

Premier David Bartlett - "I was just getting used to the sound of his voice. Now who will be there to pull me into line?"When John told me to backflip, I backflipped so hard I nearly put out my back & nearly lost my job"

Opposition Leader Will Hodgman  - "When John said jump, all of us in the Tasmanian Liberals said 'how high'. I will miss taking oders from John. When John stuck the boots into the RPDC i was right there beside him agreeing all the way. I just love Gunns"

Rene Hidding "I wanted to have dinner with John every night. Thats what i said."

Peter Gutwein "I was right there with John when those greenies drew a green squiggly dick on his front fence"

Michael Aird - "I went to Europe with John"

Lara Giddings - "So did I"

The rest of the Tasmanian Liberal and Labor parties "So did we. We will miss you Mr Premier"

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