Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Frank Strie from Timber workers for Forests says Gunns FSC claims misreported and exaggerated by industry

From Frank Strie......

It’s now time to report the truth in the whole process:

Statement @ 2:45 pm 26th May 2010:

” FSC has not certified Tasmanian native forests or forest products. No forest or plantation in Tasmania has been certified to FSC standards; no Tasmanian forest management company has an FSC Chain of Custody certificate and; no forest or plantation has been certified as complying with even the minimum requirements to enter the FSC supply chain that is FSC Controlled Wood.
Gunns has embarked on a process toward FSC certification but this will take time and change.
Gunns Japanese customers, who are already FSC certified, have had their verification audit approved by their certification body. That means they can obtain non-FSC certified controlled wood from Gunns on the basis that wood from controversial areas (coupes listed by environment groups as containing high conservations values) will be excluded from any shipments to these Japanese customers.”

So reported by Michael Spencer CEO FSC Australia

This in contrast to this ABC headline report: "Timber contractors buoyed by forestry ‘tick’ ABC Local News"
.......... Forest Contractors Association says the FSC certification will help sales. ...
Forestry Tasmania Managing Director Bob Gordon says the announcement debunks the myth that FSC does not certify wood from sustainably managed forests. ...

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