Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top ten pop/rock falsetto songs - as heard on Tim Cox's (with 'music man' Mark Cutler) ABC mornings program 12/5/2010

1 - Don’t stop till you get enough – Michael Jackson
From Michael Jackson’s best album “Off the Wall”. Watch the music video to this song and you see a young, soulful and naturally handsome Michael Jackson oozing cool & self assurance and dance genius. He wrote, he sung and he danced it. Slick, soulful and his best song ever. Jacko’s Zenith.

2 -Small-town Boy – Bronski Beat
Cry boy cry!
The moving story of a young Gay man, his rejection by peers and his family The song is powerful & one of the most unforgettable tunes to come out of the 80’s. Jimmy Somerville’s vocals are staggeringly beautiful. Soooooo close to getting the nod for no.1

3 -Good Vibrations – Beach Boys
I realise that I may get slapped for not having this at No 1. Anyway who doesn’t appreciate this song. The best beach boy’s song ever? Probably. Complex & ahead of its time just like the bloke who wrote it.

4- More than a woman – Bee Gees
It would be criminal not to have a bee gees song on this list. This song is a bee gees masterpiece & a huge favourite of mine, not only because it is such a beautiful song but because it evokes images and feelings of Saturday Night Fever and the disco era. Get the movie out again Tim.

5- Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
I defy anyone to listen to this song and not like it. I only came to appreciate this version recently. If you know nothing about the singer who unfortunately passed away a few years back check out the video of the song on You Tube. Israel was one big unit but oh what a voice.

6- Corpus Christi – Jeff Buckley
Not everyone’s cup of tea I know. For me though when I listen to this song I imagine Jeff Buckley pitching this song’s place on his Grace album to the hard headed record execs. Only Buckley could get away with this. What a voice, what an artist. Along with Kurt Cobain the biggest loss to rock music since Lennon died.

7 - It aint over - Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz at the peak of powers. Super cool song and interestingly apart from the string and horn sections, Lenny played all the instruments on the song.

8 –I get around – Beach Boys
An early BB classic, but its hard to find a better BB song. Definitely in my top 5 Beach Boys songs.

9 - Who was that masked Man – Van Morrison
From the album Veedon Fleece, Van’s most underrated album. Flawless, incredible soul singing, a wonderful lyric and beautiful acoustic guitar. Timeless masterpiece

10 – Insincere because I - Dandy Warhols
From the Welcome to the Monkey House album. The song has a simple yet beautiful hymnal quality. The Dandy’s have this ability to write beautiful soaring melodies and sonic masterpieces and this song is one.

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