Friday, May 7, 2010

Peter Garrett rocks again

Be sure to support your local Labor branch and buy a copy of Peter Garrett's new album (see above image).
I've been playing it all week in the monaro and some of the songs are great. Some of my favourites are "Blue Sky Mine is o.k by me", "Put down that placard" "Dead Worker" "Power & the Pension" "When the Generals talk I listen" Earth and Sun and the economy" "Labor Country "Tasmania is my Redneck Wonderland" "Stars of Canberra" and of course the smash hit single "Batts are Burning".

Look even if you are not a Minister Garrett fan or a Labor punter, do yourself a favour and give this album a listen. Batts are Burning is full of electricity. It will shock you. A dead set certainty to go straight through the roof. Its hot, hot, hot.

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