Monday, May 3, 2010

Man v Wild - docu-drama or take the piss.

Does anyone else watch this show. Tonight's episode has to be one of 'Bear's' most bizarre.
Tonight Bear is showing us how to survive in Ireland? Do people actually get lost in Ireland? Maybe after your 6th pint of Guinness?
No Bear was not wearing a black balaclava and dodging IRA bullets in Belfast. Bear was tramping round Irelands rugged coastline, eating maggots, sheeps hearts, falling over, screwing up his face a lot, taking the hard way instead of the easy way and just generally making Charli, myself and Anna piss ourselves laughing.
I reckon this show must have a cult following by now, not so much for Bear's heroics but the take the piss value. For example, at one stage tonight Bear found himself sinking into a 'peat bog'. Luckily for bear there was rotting sheeps carcass submerged in the bog which arrested his fall. Bear pulled himself out of the bog by levering off the sheep carcass and with a straight face told us that he had found dinner and ....wait for it....something to keep him warm tonight. Oh bear!

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