Monday, May 10, 2010

Disgraceful Saints.

St.Kilda can forget about flags this year after tonights disgraceful display.
 They have won 2 out of the last 12 quarters and tonights last quarter was simply horrible. The way Stkilda are playing they will be lucky to make the eight.
Note to Ross Lyon - Your obsession with possession is killing us. Some times cobber, its better just to bloody kick the thing and back your big men up the ground. Drop zac dawson (he is costing us big time and Raph Clark needs a kick in the arse too) and get goddard back in defence. Get Brett Peake and Robert Eddy back also. We need pace. Get a plan B and remind the players they are allowed to kick the friggin ball as well as handball. 50 or 60 points aint gunna win games either Tiger.


  1. Straight up the guts to a big marking CHF, roved by a flanker and kicked into the forward 50. The basics of any game of football. Mick Malthouse buggered around with this touchy feely play from pocket to pocket and it did not work. Up the guts beg fella!!

  2. I'm hearing ya big guy. Thats how all the great teams play. The saints definitely need to straighten up. They have certainly had the arrogance knocked out of them and they wont be taking games easy from now on. They need to drop Dawson though. The guy needs a spell in the magoo's.