Monday, May 3, 2010

Launceston triathlete Joe Gambles 2nd in Wildflower Triathlon / Getting fit.

In another breakrthrough performance Launceston triathlete Joe Gambles yesterday placed 2nd in the prestigious Wildflower Triathlon in the U.S. In what was described as one of the strongest fields ever gathered in the event's history Gambles improved on 2 previous 4th place performances to finish 2nd behind arguably the best middle distance triathlete in the world, Michael Raelert.
Joe only left Launceston 2 weeks and has made a brilliant start to his U.S campaign.


After last week's improved training block, I started this week with a 2.3kswim and tonight was 15minutes into an enjoyble run when I turned my ankle. always a possibility on my home trail here at gravelly beach.
The ankle is swollen and i reckon it might be good 4-7 days before i can run again. Oh well, it could have been a lot worse. I hit the deck pretty hard, but then got up and started walking o.k. The fact that in wasnt limping immediately is a good sign. Feeling fitter overall.


  1. You silly bugger! Did Charlie trip you up? I had another look and don't have your ankle guard sorry. Ice and elevate.

  2. Thanks mate. I found one. She blew up last night and its a real hobble job this morning. It will be a good week before next run me thinks. May get that wobble board back later on to do some strengthening. Will still head to the pool today and see what I can do.