Sunday, January 23, 2011

Backflip Bartlett resigns. "The king is dead, long live the queen" says pal Mckim. Bryan Green to stand for Deputy Premier. Will Nick Mckim endorse Green as Deputy?

Did Mr 23% really jump or was he pushed? Hmm.
Family reasons or Labor right reasons?
Would the Premier have quit for family reasons if he was rating higher in the polls?
According to Network Ten Barty may well have been pushed. Team Giddings seemed awfully ready today with Gidding having recruited disgraced former Deputy Premier Bryan Green to stand as Deputy Premier.
Whatever the reason you'd have top say 'so much for that promised stable government'.
So much for bike rides, coffee and sms with Nick.
Will Cassy and Lara become best friends?
You can guarantee that former Premier Paul Lennon and Bryan Green will be whooping it up and popping the top of a Boags Premium or six. Bryan Green will stand as Deputy Premier.
Watch out for this disgraced former Deputy Premier from Tasmania's bible belt to eventually make a push for the top job. For reasons only God knows, Green remains popular and very safe bet in his electorate of Braddon. Tasmania's weakened logging interests love him and want him in the top job.
This blogger reckons that if Green ever gets the top job it will set Tasmania back 30 years.
And how will Kim Booth deal with it? Oh lordy!
Nick Mckim and O' Connor who previously crucified Green over the TCC scandal (see Hansard Here) are now born again Labor cabinet ministers and appear too enamoured of new labor mates and the trappings of cabinet power to care. However i reckon Kim Booth will be seething if Brian Green is promoted into the top two. Maybe Kim could give former Labor advisor Nigel Burch a call and ask Nigel to give the Greens leader a refresher on Labor Politicians from Braddon.
Anyway, we will see. Its going to be a very interesting and revealing week.

This Sue Neales article from December 2010 may shed some light on Bartlett's demise and what's ahead for the Tasmanians under the Labor Government


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