Monday, January 24, 2011

Crikey on the Bartlett resignation

........"Was it really the wistful look of the young son as his father opened the front door each weekend to go to work that caused Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett to quit? Clearly, there was more at play here than Bartlett’s wish to be a better father to his children. If he sees these next few years as the most important in bonding with his children, why will he remain a minister in a new government led by his deputy, Lara Giddings? Does he intend to be a Monday-to-Friday minister? Granted, he has said he will quit at the 2014 election. In the political lexicon, to cite “family reasons” to justify one’s resignation implies there is more to the departure than meets the eye. There is more to this. It revolves around Bartlett’s personality and his judgment".......Crikey on the Bartlett resignation - Here

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