Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings set to take Tasmania backwards.

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The Giddings honeymoon could be shorter than I first thought. The new Premier has failed to explain why big government and big business in Tasmania is entitled to cheaper power but mums and dads are being forced to pay Aurora'a ridiculously high power prices.
..........."In Victoria for example, people can choose from 500 electricity plans from 22 different suppliers.

Opposition energy spokesman Matthew Groom said Ms Giddings was out of touch with the needs of households struggling with soaring power costs.
"I think that's an offensive comment for all the mums and dads and small businesses who are paying some of the highest power bills in the country," he said.
"When the Government is getting bargain-basement electricity she says she's going to deny others choice because she doesn't think it's to their benefit.
"I think that's patronising, it's paternalistic and it's offensive, and frankly they are the comments of a premier who doesn't get it they just don't get the pain people are feeling."
Robert Mallett from the Tasmanian Small Business Council said Ms Giddings' comments were a "huge slap in the face" for small business.
"It was particularly disappointing to hear the Premier say that she is not convinced it would be beneficial to open up the residential and small business market to competition when it is her own Government who is reaping the rewards of big business, and small businesses are forced to deal with what is a monopoly supplier of probably their most significant business input resource," he said.
TCCI chief economist Mark Bowles said the Government must introduce full retail competition so all consumers can benefit from shopping around for the best deal..........  The Mercury Read More Here

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