Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Giddings does not rule out more Government assistance for Gunns. Premiers pulp mill statement today on ABC Radio in response to facebook question from this Tasmanian blogger.

Listen to the audio of the Giddings interview Here . Read ABC news report Here 
Louise Saunders puts my question to Giddings with about 10 minutes remaining of the audio file.

The Premiers response to my question was inadequate and again confirmed just how badly out of touch Hobart based parliamentarians are with Launceston and Tamar Valley issues in particular community ill feeling toward the pulp mill. This includes the many businesses that form the basis of the Tamar Valley's iconic $500 Million food,wine and tourism industry, businesses that seemingly do not exist when it comes to the Tasmanian Government and Gunns mill. Indeed Premier Giddings appears to be a more enthusiastic backer of Gunns planned mill than David Bartlett. Between the new Premier and her rabid pro-pulp mill deputy the pulp mill problem and logging in general looks set to move backwards in Tasmania.

See my question and my follow up response to the Premier on the 936 ABC Hobart Facebook page. 936

Look Under this Heading......ABC Hobart New premier Lara Giddings live on air on 936 ABC Hobart tomorrow, Tuesday morning at 8:30. What question would you like put to her? And what should her priorities be?

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