Saturday, January 1, 2011

Coffee 'n' Power pals - Nick and David. Texting, emailing, and fending of sticky subjects together. Aint it sweet

.."AFTER nearly three years at the helm of the Labor Government, Premier David Bartlett admits he is only now happy in his own political skin. And much of his new-found contentment with his own style and policy direction he frankly attributes to the close political and personal bond he has forged with Greens leader Nick McKim since the March election last year. "I feel like in the last six months I am much more the premier I wanted to be," Mr Bartlett said. "My natural personality and stamp is to be consensus-driven and to work with people; I like a parliament where differences don't have to turn into slanging and shouting matches." It is noticeable that the Premier's traditional end-of-year interview with the Mercury is peppered with constant warm references to "Nick". He talks of his regular coffee meetings with Nick. Of their daily exchange of emails and text messages.  Then there are their weekend chats, daily meetings before Parliament and weekly discussions before Cabinet to fend off sticky subjects................Read More Here


......."The friendship and political bond between the two leaders has also become extremely close.
They text each other daily and meet regularly for coffee, bike rides and policy discussions.
Some even claim the Premier has become so dependent on Mr McKim's intellectual input that the Greens leader is the real powerhouse of government decision-making and policy"...................Read More Here

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