Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tasmanian Loggers squabble over $17Million dollar taxpayer freebie saying "we want more" as PM gives $17M package to assist Queensland Flood victims. Bligh says 2.5Million people affected and clean-up to cost in excess of $10B.

Read Here  and Here and and heresky

Dear PM

Please withdraw the ridiculously out of proportion $17 Million dollar freebie allocated to the Tasmania's ungrateful tree slaughterers and give these taxpayer funds to the Queensland Flood victims. Give it to people who need it and appreciate it. Please do not give another cent of public welfare to the ungrateful loggers as they do not appreciate it and we believe they have had way more public freebies than anyone has a right.
Enough is enough.
There are too many needy people in Queensland. Give our money to the flood victims.

Your sincerely
Mr & Mrs Disgusted

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