Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tamar Business women slams new Premier's Pulp Mill support

Local organic farmer Lucy Landon-Lane who lives a stones throw from Gunns proposed pulp mill site has told The Australian Newspaper that Premier Giddings stance on the deeply unpopular project.. "would outrage residents of the Tamar food and wine district. "If you acknowledge the process was flawed, but then say 'Let's carry on anyway' that is just outrageous," Ms Landon-Lane said". Read More Here

More on the new Premier and Gunns in The Examiner Here.
Note to Angus Livingston at the Examiner. Check your facts Angus. You could even try looking at a registered map! The mill is proposed for Longreach not Bell Bay. There are significant differences. Also Angus. Try to include more than one voice in your articles.

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