Saturday, January 8, 2011

Police, Launceston City Council response to Cataract Gorge bridge jumpers not good enough

......"Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten joined police in issuing a public plea to those who consider bridge-jumping fun to find another summer pastime. "We urge locals and visitors not to jump off Kings Bridge - it is extremely dangerous and anyone who tries it risks their life or serious injury," Alderman van Zetten said. Police will issue cautions and move-on orders to anyone caught jumping off - or preparing to jump off - the bridge"............ Read More Here

Dear Mr Mayor and Mr Policeman/woman.
Jumping off the Kings Bridge has been going on for years.
Local kids even make videos of their jumps and upload them on You Tube.
Mr Mayor ,you say young people are risking their lives yet you are only prepared to issue "cautions and move-on orders" to jumpers.
This back and forth between police, the council and the kids happens every year and the kids just continue to ignore you and keep jumping
As a nurse i'm all too familiar with head and spinal injuries and how easily they can happen and destroy lives. Its always young blokes. 
I've even confronted these kids myself about the jumping in years gone by. They just laughed at me.
So Mr Mayor/Police i'll give you the tip.
The kids will keep jumping until you make it an offence and impose severe fines.
These kids are laughing at you whilst they know there are no serious legal consequences for their actions. You want to prevent death and seriuous injury then you will have to save them by making examples and imposing tough fines.
Its called "boundaries". Kids need them

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