Friday, January 14, 2011

Gunns gives Les and the pulp mill team the flick as the 'Claytons Pulp Mill" commences construction??? WTF?? Er.. em... ah...that is the construction that you have when you are not having construction.

......"Greens Forests spokesperson Kim Booth MP said Gunns’ excuse for sacking Mr Les Baker and other project team members, that the mill assessment has ended and the company is now moving into the construction phase, is yet another lie from this serially dishonest company as the proposed mill still does not have a water pipeline, or a joint venture partner, or sufficient finance, or federal government permission to dump 64,000 tonnes of effluent daily into Bass Strait. Mr Booth also said that Gunns Limited recently pulled out of a assessment process to receive Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for controlled wood sourced from Tasmania, which also indicates that attempts to provide a fully FSC-certified feedstock for the proposed mill are also faltering. “The people of the Tamar Valley are sick of Gunns’ lies and deceptions over the proposed mill, and this latest bit of spin from Gunns about the reasons for sacking the manager of the pulp mill project team is yet more proof that the company cannot be trusted, and that the mill proposal is dead in the water,” said Mr Booth. “The assessment of this mill proposal is far from over and any claim by Gunns to the contrary is just another lie from this serially dishonest company.” .....Read More Here

.............."The Tasmanian timber company Gunns has sacked a senior executive who was running the pulp mill project  A Gunns spokesman has confirmed several people involved with the company's $2.3 billion pulp mill have been made redundant. The managers were involved in the assessment process and are no longer required as the company moves into the construction phase".............Read More Here

This is hilarious stuff. The proposed mill site is just up the road from my place and i can assure readers there is no sign of construction. Just a hill and bit of bush.

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