Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Booths muffled opposition as Bryan Green returns as Deputy' Premier. Ambitious Mckim says he's been "too harsh" on Bryan. Green says "trust me"

Interesting to see Nick Mckim's Greens spinning their born again support for former whipping boy and 2nd time Deputy Premier Bryan Green. The justification being run by the Tasmanian Greens for their new found approval of Mr Green as Deputy Premier is "we don’t want to play personality politics".

Support for man the Greens formerly argued had forfeited any right to ever hold public office again, of course has nothing to do with the pragmatic Mckim's own political ambitions.
It is difficult to see the logic in the Greens spin as even Bryan Green after being stripped of the deputy premier's job in 2006 openly admitted his Behaviour was unethical and wrong.
Most observers wholeheartedly agreed with Bryan Greens assessment of himself and accepted the parliamentary Greens and Liberals ongoing disapproval of Green was based on the conviction that Bryan Greens conduct and transgressions were so grave that he was no longer fit for public office. Not because they didn’t like his personality.
Indeed there is a big difference between society giving a person a second chance and the parliament giving a politician whose conduct and transgression were as damaging as Bryan Green's a second shot at being the Premier of Tasmania. It will be very interesting to see what remains of the Labor/Green love-in, if at the next election the Greens once again find themselves on the opposition benches. If Labor were to be returned in majority, Mckim in particular may find himself the object of ridicule because of his chameleon like politics from both Will Hodgman and by that time, Premier Bryan Green.

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