Monday, January 24, 2011

Bryan Green lines up for Premier. by Sue Neales in today's Mercury

I called it here Yesterday

...."It is easy to envisage behind the scenes the hand of former premier Paul Lennon and former Labor powerbroker and now Forestry Tasmania chief Bob Gordon in the shift of power from Mr Bartlett and Mr McKim to Ms Giddings and Mr Green"..........Read More Here

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  1. Well good luck to Lara but she's got her work cut out. And her first major problem is her choice of deputy. Never mind the 'undecided' verdict on two separate criminal charges, if Bryan Green possessed any moral decency at all he would not even have considered standing for re-election in March. The fact he was found neither guilty or innocent still leaves some very large question marks against his character and his political judgement, and speaks (negative) volumes about the Labor Party's willingness to endorse him as a candidate.
    The proposed pulp mill continues to cast long shadows around Bryan Green. The proposed pulp mill was a significant factor - if not THE factor - that resulted in the downfall of Lennon & now Bartlett. Lara needs to watch her back to ensure the pulp mill doesn't spoil her superannuation plans too. The best way to do this is to steel her spine, stand up to forest industry heavyweights, and confirm - really confirm - the proposed mill will receive NO MORE government support, finance or assistance. And to prove she means it she can follow this up with repealing the PMAA, and especially the obscene Section 11 clause. Not only will this guarantee her the respect of northern Tasmanians, it will almost certainly result in a few votes for Labor at the next state election.