Friday, April 2, 2010

Bartlett Hands Over - Integrity or cynicism?

This comment by "Mike of Hobart" was posted under this (below) article in todays Mercury.
Bartlett Hands Over by SUE NEALES April 02 -

Is Mike correct?

There are alot of gullible people out there ... this 'act' by Bartlett is not 'integrity in action'. Why is this conclusion labelled as cynical? Let's face it, politicians strategise and use 'honesty' as a tool. This is a strategic act to place the inexperienced Liberal team in the hot seat, and then destabilise them through the term of government. Labor will undoubtedly choose its moments so that they may maximise their opportunity to defend their actions as 'in the best interests of the people of Tasmania'. This entire episode has been deplorable, and the mockery that it makes of the democratic process and the role of the Governor is woeful, to say the least. Hopefully, the people watching this unfold will not be so gullible as to interpret this as an act of integrity, as it is the act of a party attempting to go into opposition with only the goal of destabilising government and returning themselves to power in a most deplorable manner. I do not say this as a person who supports any of the parties ... I say this only because I believe that the single most important and precious thing we can have from our democracy is 'good governance', and this is more important than any policy. Unfortunately, in this act of desperation from Bartlett and the ALP, we are getting governance at its worst! Shame on Bartlett, the state ALP, and the Federal ALP for worrying more about their brand than governance. Shocking!

Posted by: Mike (not Nike) of Hobart 12:51pm today

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