Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mylanta, camomile and power sharing governments

The Greens have got what they wanted.

The hard headed fieldites in the Labor party will be swigging gallons of mylanta and ranitidine to dull the stabbing pain of their ulcers and the paranoid deep greens chewing valerian and skulling camomile tea to stop the nagging voices convincing them they have been sold out.

Faaarkin hilarious.

The Greens finally get what the want and some of their supporters are already losing their nerve and threatening to jump ship. I eagerly await the next article on Tasmanian Times postulating that the Greens have traded a ministry for a pulp mill in the Tamar Valley (yawn).
Farewell fairweather greenies. Return to the coolness & safety of your organic garden and your PC.
Well done to the Green party room.
It takes balls to walk the path that Mckim has.

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