Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sorry about that says Bob Gordon but we're Gunna keep burning. Forestry Tasmania chief cries crocodile tears over burns anger.

From ABC online...........

The chief of Forestry Tasmania has issued a "sincere" apology for last weekend's smoke haze in the south, saying there was a slip up in the company's burns program.

Bob Gordon's written apology to Huon Valley residents on Forestry's website says the smoke detected by monitoring stations on Monday exceeded national air quality standards.
The managing director says there is enough evidence to show regeneration burns contributed to the pollution.
Mr Gordon says it is especially disappointing in light of the amount of work done in recent years to minimise the impact of the burns on population centres.
The apology comes days after conservationists set off flares in Forestry's Hobart headquarters, calling for an end to the burning programs.
But Mr Gordon says there are no alternatives.
He says Forestry will work with other agencies to refine the co-ordinated smoke management system

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