Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A must for cycling fans. The 108th Paris - Roubaix. Sunday 10pm SBS.

The worlds greatest 1 day cycling race and considered one of the 5 Monuments of cycling.
A 259km haul from Compiegne, 60km nth of Paris to an old velodrome in Roubaix, taking riders arund 6 1/2 hrs. Also known as the "hell of the north" and "the queen of the classics" this race is infamous for its rough terrain and cobblestones (25-30 cobblestone sectors).

If you love cycling and have never seen this event, stay up on sunday night and enjoy one of the greatest sporting events in the world
A bottle of red, some cheese, prosciutto and french bread? See you there.


  1. Looks like Katusha has put Robbie in for a crack at the title! Coming back from injury, it may be hard for him but he did come 2nd yesterday in a one dayer in Belgium! Does he have the legs to overcome those of Boom Boom Boonen!!

  2. Interesting reason given for his participation. On twitter Mcewen said "me riding Roubaix is a tactical choice of team. my world ranking gives us good car position in convoy, about 6th. Without me there = 21st".
    I don think he fancies his chances.
    However Stuey O'Grady rode very trongly for Cancellara at Flanders last weekend.
    He is a chance along with the standout chances Cancellara and Boonen.
    Would love to see George Hincapie get up but me thinks his best days have passed him by.

  3. Its held in the north of France then into Belgium. A beer(Belgian) would be better suited than wine, cycling is thirsty work!

  4. Anon. I dont know where you got that from.
    I think you will find that the Roubaix velodrome where the race finishes is in Northern France. The race starts and finishes in France. Its doesnt pass through Belgium.
    The beers sounds tempting though.

  5. What a race! Tactics say don't take a drink break if you have the God of Thunder on your Ass! Could have done with a bit of wet weather to make it more interesting though.!

  6. Great to see Mattie Goss out there for a while. More to come from him that's for sure.

  7. I beg your pardon, I never promised you a hoegaarden.Blurry eyes(Blame the Chimay Blue), a late night and an old atlas (hic).Roubaix is in France, although there are a number of flemish speakers there.Tot ziens!