Friday, April 9, 2010

Has Will Hodgman done a Herschelle Gibbs?

It was one of the most sensational dropped catches ever.

South African cricketer Herschelle Gibbs is still remembered for dropping an easy catch off Australian captain Steve Waugh during the 1999 one day international cricket World Cup in England.

Immediately after Gibbs had dropped the catch, Steve Waugh left his crease and famously said to Gibbs "you just dropped the World Cup mate".

And thats exactly how it turned out. Australia beat South Africa and went on to win the world cup.

Herschelle Gibbs has never lived it down

A week or so back it appeared almost certain that Will Hodgman would be Premier.

Hodgman senior and Hodgman jnr were convinced. Most Tasmanians were convinced.

However it would appear Will may have pushed his luck a bit too far thumbing his nose at the Greens offer of a power sharing deal.

Was wee young Will pushed by the right wing of the party to take this stance?

Now the Governor has asked the Premier to continue governing and the greens have done as they always said they would, to act in the interests of stable government and work with the government of the day.

Hodgman was given an opportunity to form government and he dropped the ball.

Will Hodgman made the fundamental error of ignoring the fact that it is the guv that giveth and the guv that taketh away. Now Will is acting like a spoilt brat and me thinks he may have just dropped his personal political equivalent of the world cup.

Has William Hodgman's allowed his one and only chance to be Tasmanian Premier slip through his fingers?

Listening to Will Hodgman's atonishingly brattish & unstatesmanlike tantrum on radio today  it became increasingly apparent to me that Will Hodgman is a politician of little substance and skill. Sorry Will.

The Tasmanian Liberal party is now run by the conservative right with power brokers like Eric Abetz working in the shadows.

As I have stated previously this faction will want to make the experienced & smooth-talkin god-botherer Michael Ferguson party leader as soon as Will Hodgman begins to slide in the popularity stakes.
If this happens Will Hodgman WILL rue the day he thumbed his nose at the chance to negotiate a power-sharing government with the Greens.

Dont take any notice of Hodgmans bragging about his prinicipled stance. That wont be any consolation when talk of what could have been comes up at family bbq's

The Hodgman boy who was born to rule but blew the chance. Ouch!!!

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