Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting fit.

Anna bought herself a you beaut malvern star mountain bike from a local garage sale. After a few repairs and a tune up at Geards Cycles in Launceston we took the new steed out for a run yesterday.
Anna & the Malvern Star turned heads in gravelly beach and she arrived home in one piece.
I managed 35k and then did 40minutes of stretch/strength work (boring) at home.
This morning I swam a quick 1.5k at the aquatic centre with my mate Mal and tonight me and the bear-dog went for 35min run/walk (19min run) along the little swanport trail. A pleasure as always.
Speaking of the bear (charli). Anna accosted the smelly mut yesterday and smite her industrial strength dog shampoo washing out the dead roo smell from the night before. Charli was not pleased as this effectively washed away what to her was a trophy smell the likes she may not see again in a while. Whilst charli prefers to smell like shit i like the fluffy primped version of the little white bear which we enjoyed yeterday.
More pictures of the mut in action soon.

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  1. Good to see Anna is on the new deadly. Watch out pilko, she'll ride clean over the top of you soon. As for the Bear, a bit of funky scent is not a bad thing for the ol' girl