Friday, April 16, 2010

Yoda on Premier Bartlett latest backflip.

That a premier performed so many backflips, of tasmania has never before in the history.
Help but wonder, yoda cannot when mr premier have his next change of mind, will. Hmmm.
Been trained well in the dark arts by mr aird, bartlett has. The treasurers forte, saying one thing doing another is.
If careful he will injure his back for he is not young anymore premier is not.
Take heart young hodgman. This week not premier likes you, but he may next week. .
Wolf in sheeps clothing, nick mckim was, premier's best friend, he, now is. Hmmm.
They went the summit together on bikes. Now forgiven and loves mckim, premier does.
With premier's many backflips poor old yoda feels dizzy. Rest now, yoda must. Yes, hmmm. Yes, hmmm.

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