Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Old Man and the Bike.

Today the Gravelly Beach veteran braved mild temperatures, sun and stunning scenery to grind out an impressive 62km. Old, fat and overweight the veteran rode the first 25k at over 30kph.
Such was the speed and ferocity with which the veteran attacked deviot road that he passed the local mail contractor and Bob Jones tractor. Heads turned and cow's mooed as the veteran sped past the paper beach turn off. Adolf the German shepherd who lives at the house on the corner - the one that sells the figs was unusually quiet as the veteran sped past.
Gulliver, the smack talking prodigy from West Launceston who some say is the next big thing in the Launceston triathlon scene is now under immense pressure live up to the hype.
Will Gulliver respond or will he crack?


  1. NEWS JUST IN!!!
    Gravely Beach hit by fierce southerly tornado out along Deviot rd.. Mr Browns cows reported grunting, sweat and a blinding 24km/h flash whipping by.. The local farmer Bob Jones later stated, the storm was full of wind (?? from the cab sav the night before). Ladies and Gents, this correspondent for one is worried.. There are strange happenings at the beach.

  2. Red goes faster than orange ANY day! One day the kemo sabe may overpower Yoda but then one must ponder will drafting be a much more effective solution for the young whipper snapper.

  3. who's up for a swim tomorrow then?

  4. Not me. Shoulder a piece of shit! Going for a run. I going to rest shoulder for a while and do my physio religiously and get it better. It's just not improving enough for my liking.

  5. righto kemosabe. stay on the straight n narrow.